Jack has modelled for many brands and photographers but the fitness industry is a new challenge that Jack has delved into.

After training for a television series in the States and gaining over 20 kilos of muscle, Jack has worked with many different labels and charities promoting nutrition, diet and training.

He has recently become a clothing ambassador for the clothing line “Physiq Apparel” and also models and trains for his local gym “Flint Barn Fitness” (located in the south of Sussex) which he promotes on his social media pages. You can always see Jack sporting the new line of clothing on Instagram.

Jack also works for many incredible charities including the Alzheimer's society and also Cook school club. From the promotion of fitness and diet through social media, the founder of Cook School Club contacted Jack to join the team with other big names such as Claire Ptak, Zoe Adjonyoh, Skye McAlpine and Stefan Gates.

The Charity goes into schools across the UK to teach kids how to cook for themselves in a fun and learning environment. For more information check the website https://cookschool.club/.

Jack teaching a class for Cook school club.

Jack teaching a class for Cook school club.

Jack has a large collection of photographers that he’s worked with ranging from photographers at ASOS, Ted Baker, and Italia Vogue.

He has also worked with some upcoming local artists including Milly Muxworthy and Steve Taylor.

Below is a short slide show of recent photoshoots Jack has done. Click for next photo.