We are Allsobrook


Formed in East Sussex, Jack Allsobrook & The Middleways were born.

"Wow what can I say! Jack is without question one of the most talented singer-songwriters I have had the pleasure to work with. He is a very gifted songwriter with an incredible voice and I have every faith they are going places"

Aubrey Whitfield, Producer of the year 2017, taken from Soundbetter.com


Lead Vocals & Guitar / Jack Allsobrook
Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals / Alex Hazle
Bass & Backing Vocals / Charlie Wingfield
Drums / Ed Chisholm

Keys & Backing Vocals / Lilly Bannon



Jack has been writing music and playing instruments from a young age and recently wrote an album. In 2018 Jack formed a band with local musicians and put on a concert to showcase the album.

With a sold out crowd of paying customers the show was very successful. Before hand Jack invited many representatives from different labels consisting of BMG, Sony, Xodachrome and many others including some celebrities and agencies. Jack and the band are in the process of recording the album and him and the band are very excited for you to hear it. The album will be on Spotify soon.

Jack has also won several awards for singing abroad across Europe working alongside many other musicians and vocalists singing many covers and writing original music for the album.

He has also won several NODA awards for his performances in “Made in Dagenham” as Eddie O’grady and “Les Misérables” as Javert.

You can click on the link below to see a clip of the single “lies” and “Perfect”.