Your Heart

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Jack is known in the movie business for his roles in “The Bromley Boys” and “Dream Lover”.

Jack has performed in many musicals ranging from “We Will Rock You” to “Les Miserable” and even “My Fair Lady”



Jack recently started his career in modelling and has successfully worked with Ted Baker, ASOS, Italia Vogue and more.

He is also an ambassador for several clothing brands.



Jack has recently started working on another side career and is pursuing his passion for music. He is a multi award winning singer and has recently formed his own band.

Follow Jack on Instagram at jack.l.allsobrook.

News & Updates

The after show blues from the band’s most recent concert have severely set in. Following the show Jack and the Middleways have had a couple of weeks off enjoying time with family and friends in the sun.

The constant support and demand for more music has been overwhelming. The band meet again this week to discuss future plans, and recording for the album will begin within the next couple of months.

We very much look forward to you meeting the team x

Jack recently got the role of Danny Zuko in LOSMT’s run of Grease which starts in October.


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Your Heart

by Allsobrook